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Welcoming Vicki Bowen Hewes

After seven years of leading SocialVentures, Chief Executive Officer, Allen Proctor, will be retiring on August 1, 2021, entrusting his position to community leader, Vicki Bowen Hewes.

The search for a new CEO started in the fall of 2020 with a search committee led by Teressa Trost of Community Shares Mid-Ohio. The committee reviewed 90 applicants, and five applicants were interviewed. After consideration, the board decided that Bowen Hewes can utilize her passion for human rights and leadership to grow the social enterprise ecosystem and guide SocialVentures.

Bowen Hewes has a history in the corporate and nonprofit fields. In 2007, she founded Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that helps women in 20 countries achieve economic independence. Her entrepreneurial energy and commitment to local businesses and non-profit

organizations make her a leader who is eager and prepared to lead SocialVentures.

“My career has been dedicated to strategically guiding mission-driven initiatives to join forces and propel meaningful change. This role will allow me to leverage that

experience to support SocialVentures’ continued strong trajectory and to advocate for businesses and nonprofits leading the change they wish to see in the world,” said Bowen Hewes.

While we are more than excited for Bowen Hewes to join the team, we want to recognize Proctor’s dedication and work for leading SocialVentures. His vision for uplifting and growing the social enterprise ecosystem has helped many community leaders work towards equality, human rights, and other causes.

“I am thrilled that Vicki Bowen Hewes will be taking the reins of SocialVentures to continue the remarkable expansion of this mission-driven approach to business in our community. Through her highly successful leadership experience, she has demonstrated the skills necessary to take SocialVentures to the next stage,” said Proctor.

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