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Main Impact Area


Financial Services

ECDI’s mission is to invest in people to create measurable and enduring social and economic change.

Since 2004, ECDI has provided responsible, affordable lending and comprehensive small business development services to help underbanked and underserved people and communities join the economic mainstream.

Since inception, ECDI has strived to help every underserved entrepreneur find the opportunity to change their own lives, with a particular focus on populations often unable to obtain lending from traditional financial institutions-including low-income, minorities, refugees, and women.

ECDI’s lending program measures its social impact through the loans distributed to underserved entrepreneurs, the number of nascent and expanding business owners that we coach, and the resulting jobs that are created- impacting and uplifting communities across Ohio.


Tax Status


Business to Business (B2B)



Business to Consumer (B2C)

Professional Services

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