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Habitat for Humanity

Poverty Alleviation

Main Impact Area


Home Decor and Building Supplies

Simply put, our donors recycle, our shoppers reuse, and the landfills aren’t overflowing.

We are on a mission to eliminate substandard housing and create the opportunity for homeownership in Franklin and Licking counties.

ReStore diverts 1,700 tons of durable goods from landfills annually. Profits help fund Habitat for Humanity MidOhio’s mission to provide affordable housing to families in Central Ohio. So far, over 735 families have had their home built or repaired through this initiative. In our last full fiscal year, 84 families received services. This includes 20 families which attained homeownership and 64 families which received repair services.


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Business to Business (B2B)



Business to Consumer (B2C)

Art, Furnishings & Decor, Building Supplies

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