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Youth/Poverty Alleviation

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FACT: A cycle of systemic poverty exists today in the U.S. A lack of education and real support for underserved youth perpetuates this cycle–leading 18 year olds to take on tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. The US is faced with a $1.7 trillion student loan debt crisis in the U.S., and other students graduate high school with no plans towards careers, post-secondary education or vocational training.

There is a solve for this. Studies show students who earn degrees aligned with their career path earn upwards of $1 million more in their lifetime. Together, we can break the cycle of systemic poverty by connecting students to their best path after high school–with tangible steps and goals, helping them avoid unnecessary costs and excessive student loan debt.

With $4 a day–what you'd spend getting your daily coffee drink–you can give underserved students a clear purpose, path and plan for their best post-secondary or vocational training.

- 100% of our students graduate to find a purpose and a clear path after high school.
- 100% of them have affordable options for the post-secondary education that will lead them to their chosen career path.
- On average, our students–students who fall below the federal poverty line, and many of them first-generation Americans–receive $161,000 in scholarship money from colleges.


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