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MKS Recovery

Employment & Job Training

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Professional Services

MKS Recovery’s Entrepreneurship Program helps at-risk Individuals develop self-sustaining/successful businesses. This includes creating Business Plans, Registering with The Secretary of State, Obtaining an Employee Identification Number, Setting up Business Banking, Financial Literacy, Marketing & Networking, Initial Capital, and more! Our Supported Employment Program provides on-the-job training to allow further advancement within MKS Recovery Employment, medical benefits, and an above average wage. The Supported Housing Program provides a safe environment for Residents in various locations throughout the city. The Program offers affordable, temporary and permanent housing for Residents, and tools to maintain Independent Living. The Program provides Home-Buying Education allowing Individuals to purchase homes directly through MKS Recovery. MKS Recovery’s Car-Buying Program teaches the importance of Goal Setting and Budgeting. As an Employee saves over a set period of time, MKS Recovery will match the saved amount, allowing the Individual to purchase a car directly from MKS Recovery. This Program also teaches the knowledge needed to know your way around a vehicle to ensure safety. MKS Recovery has employed over 300 at-risk Individuals many of whom have developmental, physical, and/or mental Disabilities and/or have been released from incarceration.


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