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Sprout Five


Main Impact Area


Children, Education

Our approach to early care and education is grounded in the notion that early childhood should be the center of community development. With robust, integrated, and holistic early childhood opportunities, we see neighborhoods thrive and strengthen families.

For most families, stand-alone child care schools and centers add one more trip and the potential for one (or frankly more) barrier for families. That is why our approach to program delivery relies on co-locating with strategic partner organizations in four program types.

Serve-learn programs co-locate our schools with like-minded nonprofit organizations. The goal is to reduce the barrier for families needing essential services (e.g., job training, nutrition, wellness, social services, etc.). Live-learn programs co-locate our schools in housing complexes to reduce the transportation barrier presented to families. Learn-learn programs co-locate our schools on education campuses to provide child care to students and staff in one centralized location. Work-learn programs co-locate our schools on employer campuses to offer child care to employees in one centralized location.


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